Thursday, March 19, 2015

Top 10 Best and Worst Sport Movies

There are so many sports movies out there. Many amazing, funny, entertaining. Many are horrible train wrecks that shouldn't even try to be anything. I'm going to go through what I personally think are the best and worst sport movies ever. Starting with the worst sports movie ever all the way to what I think is the best.

10. The Waterboy
The Waterboy is another one of Adam Sandlers films and generally like the others its just plain stupid. The basic plot is that a local college water boy finds out he has the talent to tackle people bigger than him through his anger and rage. Sandler makes the movie a tad bit funny but its just another stupid Sandler movie altogether.

9. The Benchwarmers
The Benchwarmers is a movie about three losers who learn how to play baseball. They all stand up for the nerdy kids who get picked on. Starring David Spade, Jon Heder, and Rob Schenider, Benchwarmers delivers funny moments but yet was not entertaining enough to make it through the whole movie.

8. Slap Shot
Slap Shot is considered a cult classic to many people who watched it in the 70s. But yet Slap Shot is only really appealing to people who understand hockey. Everything about this movie is about hockey the humor the story so it isn't quite appealing to people who don't understand the sport. Although it is a really funny movie.

7. Rocky
Rocky and my opinion is just to long and boring. Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone is just not that entertaining and has way to many sequels.

6. Happy Gilmore
Happy Gilmore is hands down the best Adam Sandler movie. Its funny but its not dealing with baseball, basketball, football, but golf. Sandlers character a failed hockey player becomes one of the best golfers ever. And that Alone is just funny, but with Sandlers personality it just makes the movie just that funnier.

5. The Blind Side
Sandra Bullocks blind Side was an extremely amazing movie, one of the only to make me tear up. The acting was great the story is a true story and overall was just an amazing movie.

4.The Mighty Ducks
The Mighty Ducks is just one of those movies that my mom showed me when I was young and instantly fell in love with. Its funny, and one of the better movies that came out in the 90s

3. Caddyshack
Caddyshack has two of my favorite comedians together, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. And these two live up Caddyshack was a movie that when I first watched I could not stop laughing and to this day I cant stop laughing.

2. Miracle
Miracle is such an extremely amazing movie. Miracle is about 1980 US hockey team that beat the strong, quick, unbeatable Russian Team. Starring Kurt Russel Miracle just dose not fail to entertain you no matter how many times you have seen it and will always be one of my favorite movies ever.

1. Goon
Goon is not a commonly known movie. Starring Sean William Scott, Goon is about a Bouncer who gets put on a hockey team to just basically fight. Goon is hilarious and will make you laugh, every person who i have shown this movie to laughs no matter what its so dumb its funny. Goon never fails to deliver a punch and is what I think is the best movie ever.

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