Monday, March 23, 2015

Blog Review

/Film is a movie blog site. The blogs are written by multiple people. /Film is kinda of a nerdy blog as it focuses on a lot of sci fi, superheroes, etc. /Film has actually grown on to me though I have visited it many times this past week and enjoy all of its contents. I have signed up and subscribed to them. They always provide tons of current and new information right away. It seems like they dig up more info quicker than IMDb. All of their info is pretty accurate and correct so that's a plus. They are also creditable for all of their posts. Their current hype and amount of posts have been about the Avengers, Star Wars, Aliens, and any other new superhero movie. They do movie reviews also which I like. Their movie reviews are insightful, they are the reviews I go to if I want to watch a movie. I would recommend anyone to read their blogs. Especially if your into movies. Or if your into superheroes, Sci fi or any other type of movie genre.

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