Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Recent Controversy in Movies

    American Sniper made a big debut over this past weekend coming over with Oscars nominations and for also being described as the best movie this year, has also come with great controversy from some famous people. Michael Moore known for his work on Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 911 and Seth Rogen known for the just recent controversial film The Interview blasted American Sniper. Moore stated that his uncle was killed by a sniper in WWII and that Snipers where cowards. He then later on too say that he said nothing to relation of Chris Kyle and American Sniper. Rogen said on the other hand it reminded him of the scene from Inglorious Bastards the Quentin Tarantino movie on a German sniper in a bell tower sniping Allied soldiers. He later declared he didn't me anything offensive by it, it just reminded him of that scene. Both stated their arguments and were treated with some questioning by other some other famous people.

Michael Moores tweet https://twitter.com/mmflint/status/556914094406926336

Seth Rogens tweethttps://twitter.com/sethrogen/status/556890149674434560


  1. I also heard that people were pissed that Selma, the movie about MLKJ, wasn't nominated for an Oscar. What do you know about that? I'm curious to know why they ignored it.

  2. I think its ridiculous some of the comments that have been made about "American Sniper" the man is a national hero and deserves to be treated like one. Just because you don't agree with some of the governments actions doesn't mean you can take them out on those who were just following orders. You can argue freedom of speech but you cant attack people for decisions they are not responsible for making.

  3. I agree! The men and women that sacrifice their lives to protect the greatest country in the world are heroes and deserve to be treated as such. Do not look down on them for the things they have done look up to them for the purpose they have served. How dare you people!